Charles Spiron (b.1948) has been carving professionally for more than four decades creating Decoys, Shorebirds, and American Folk Art since 1977. A lifetime commitment to the craftsmanship and design of the traditional working decoy style can be seen in the details of each creation. His work with a number of Americas leading museums, including Colonial Williamsburg, Winterthur, and the Smithsonian, has provided these classic forms to collectors all across the country. Using time honored methods of decoy construction and painting, he has created thousands of carvings now in private and public collections. Many of his carvings were sold with the brand, Currituck Decoy Company, started in Currituck, North Carolina. He continues to carve original work on a limited basis and is now passing the mantel to his son Charles (Chip) Spiron. Chip, as an artist, is both an accomplished carver and photographer. All of the photographs presented here were shot by Chip in his studio.

Craftsmanship and Traditional Designs